TagFarm 0.1 BETA Development:

TagFarm is in need of some dedicated developer that would like to contribute to this worthy project. Persons with skillz in C++, KDE/GUI coding, web development, artwork, etc... are very welcome.

ToDo List:
  • Integrate a CD ripper/burner feature. The burner part would be quite easy, just involving a command for K3B or something
  • More on the player Tab. Perhaps some more exciting visualizers using libvisual. A feature that would automatically download album cover art from amazon.com and store it in an sqlite database.
  • A feature that would be able to upload/download music to and from mp3 players such as an iPod.
  • Help with playlist creation and streaming audio from Internet radio stations.
  • Help with dcop/kde integration to enable the development of extension and other programs to control tagfarm remotely.
  • Suggestions for other Tagfarm features are welcome

Copyright 2005 Ben Wiklund, http://methodicalj.dyndns.org